Mini Clips

KL®megla now offers a full range of glass clamps that liberate installers from the expense and headache of the fabrication and installation of fixed glass panels. Our attractive line of KL megla® Mini Clips are machined from German brass and plated to match our fine finishes. These clamps require no glass holes; simply slide them into place, screw them down and glaze in your glass. KL megla® Mini Clips not only eliminate the need for the expensive glass fabrication that traditional clamps require, they also reduce the undesirable clutter that alternative sections of extended U-Channel create.

96800Mini Clips1/2" Double Radius 90°
96801Mini Clips3/8" Double Radius 90°
96804Mini Clips1/2" Single Radius 180°
96805Mini Clips3/8" Single Radius 180°
96808Mini Clips1/2" Double Radius 135°
96809Mini Clips3/8" Double Radius 135°
96812Mini Clips1/2" Double Radius Alignment
96813Mini Clips3/8" Double Radius Inside Corner
96814Mini Clips1/2" Double Radius 180°
96815Mini Clips3/8" Double Radius 180°
96818Mini Clips1/2" Double Radius Outside Corner
96819Mini Clips3/8" Double Radius Outside Corner
96822Mini Clips1/2" Double Radius Inside Corner
96823Mini Clips3/8" Double Radius Inside Corner

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