Stratego Towel Bars

Made of high quality brass, Stratego towel bars are engineered for design flexibility with their unique adjustability. Stratego is available in fixed length or adjustable length stock.

06705Towel BarsG/W Towel Bar, For Left Panel
06706Towel BarsGlass Towel Bar
06707Towel BarsWall Towel Bar
06708Towel BarsG/W Towel Bar, For Right Panel

Filegrano Towel Bars

Made of solid brass, the thin Filigrano product line is sexy and deceptively strong. We offer this series of towel bars in both round and square designs. Its fully adjustable design allows it to accommodate various applications.

06730Towel BarsG/G Towel Bar, Square Design
06740Towel BarsG/G Towel Bar, Round Design

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