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Glass architecture is one of the most diverse and fascinating building developments of the 20th and 21st centuries – both in facade and interior glazing as well as in the field of technical applications with intelligent glass. The glass trade, with all its specific requirements, requires a lot of know-how: Each individual glass pane requires hardware – something that holds the glass, moves it or controls the different features of intelligent glass.

The distinct properties of different types of glass have to be taken in consideration when producing the hardware, it has to harmonize with them and adapt them to the corresponding substructures. There are numerous things to consider: environmental influences, moisture and chemical corrosion, static requirements, safety aspects, aesthetics, and much more. That is precisely what KL megla specializes in.

All from a single source.

solid and functional.


Are you looking for Hinges or Handles according to your desire? No problem!

We have confidence in our products back by our many years of experience x

Quality & Safety with KL megla products

KL megla fittings are milled from solid metals. This gives them a high stable life expectancy and a brilliant surface. Among other things, KL megla shower fittings are tested for their stability and safety for the construction of glass showers.
In addition, many of our fittings have various adjustment options and functions, such as the gravity based lifting mechanism, adjustable index position and closing functions.

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Research & Innovation x

KL megla paves new ways in the glass hinge industry

Again and again new areas open up where glass can be utilized. Our ideas focus on the glass of today and tomorrow, collaborating with acclaimed universities – all of this shapes the glass world we know today. Thanks to our own internal development department which continues to provide German quality standards in materials and workmanship to provide the customers ease of installations to detailed technical support.

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